"SLAVES" documentary

SLAVES is a documentary that arises from the urgent need to inform the public, through the victims' and experts' voices, about the oldest violation of human rights: the sexual exploitation.

After 20 years of unceasing research on the topic and learning about different stories of women and mothers who lost their teenage daughters when they disappeared and were trafficked for prostitution, I have to denounce to the world the injustice that is being committed blaming the victims and continuing protecting both customers and procurers who profit from the trafficking and sexual exploitation of millions of young people, children and women, with the approval of the States, which are in a breach of duty of their citizens' protection.

The patriarchal and capitalist system that our society has developed, has allowed the business of human trafficking for sexual exploitation to reproduce exponentially, leading to slavery in the XXI century. In America, 12 million people are trafficked each year; and millions and millions of women, youth and children disappear without a serious research by governments, or evidence of a genuine interest in stopping this violence.

This situation violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that in its articles 3, 4 and 5, promotes people liberty and security, the abolition of slavery or servitude, and the annulment of subjection to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. However, the system has led society to conceive prostitution as a decent work and this has opened the way for committing this crime in the now called Zonas de Alto Impacto (High Impact Areas), as well as for the enactment of laws that do not protect vulnerable populations, especially girls between the ages of 10 and 15 who are targets of exploitation.An aggravating factor for this situation is directly related to the fact that the age of sexual consent in Colombia is 14 years; in Bolivia, 12, and in most countries, 16. This scenario favors criminals because it allows them to legally abuse young girls who have not reached a legal age.

On the other hand, society forgets or ignores that women who go into prostitution come from a vulnerable population (mostly from very low stratum or victims of forced displacement), whose childhood was marked by sexual and domestic violence. 90% of prostituted women have experienced sexual abuse in childhood, making them easy victims of sexual exploitation because most of them are not aware of the trauma that first childhood experience caused in their lives and, without noticing, they start getting involved in dangerous situations that rapidly lead them to self-destruction and to the deterioration of their self-esteem, which can even lead them to lose consciousness of their own slavery.

For the foregoing reasons, I consider insane a society that justifies such barbarism, and conceives prostitution and human trafficking as a kind of job to be legalized, defended and regulated, as if it were a decent work for people who practice it and for society. Legalize prostitution is a farce when it is actually a crime against humanity that traumatizes victims and arises from international procurer's perverse and commercial interests.

We can not continue allowing more victims to be tortured and enslaved in order to profit criminals with their exploitation. The only solution to this problem is the abolition of any practice of sexual exploitation, through the formulation of laws that actually protect children, youth and women.Citizens must be insistent demanding governments to look after vulnerable populations, through public policies, education and treatment, in order to avoid them to get into sexual exploitation networks. Perpetuating silencemakes us accomplices of this attack on human dignity, which has been caused and perpetuated by humankind itself.

Frida Spiwak


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